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Jorge Silveira was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and grew up in Maldonado, near the famous South American seaside resort of Punta del Este.


After dedicating his teen years to soccer, and being tapped for a professional team, he left to see the world. He worked and traveled through South America, spending time in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Mexico. He ended up in the United States and made his home in New York City, working in advertising.

On weekends spent at the beaches of the Hamptons, so similar to the Atlantic beaches of his childhood, and the bays and inlets of Sag Harbor, he started to pick up odds and ends discarded by people, tossed and turned by the tide.

Rusty and weatherworn objects attracted his attention, and soon he started putting together this flotsam and jetsam into various sculptural compositions. This led to incorporating salt and sea-worn pieces into three-dimensional paintings, mostly human faces, but also fish, birds and abstract images.

He is self-taught, a true Outsider artist, finding beauty and meaning in discarded and forgotten materials, recycling scraps of rough wood and metal into raw energized creations.

He is available to create works on request.


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